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14 Jun Tips for writing a great About Me page for your website, portfolio, or blog. Why you should have one, and what to highlight and focus on, with examples. An about page doesn't have to be anxiety-inducing. Keep it simple and put your inner-critic aside. 6 Dec In this post, my friend and partner Mike teaches you how to write an "About Me" page and shows 3 examples of the best about me pages.

I love reading people's about page chiefly those who are in the constant industry as me. While the Close by Page can be very informative, some websites go the extra mile and make their Round page more than just a statement of who they are I be suffering with personally gathered some of the most successfully About page that will inspire you to write a better bio on your blogging siteportfolio or website.

What To Say In Close by Me

Create an attractive "about me" chapter for your web log. This website is truly incredible as it uses CSS perfectly.

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The font color, simulacrums, and other elements of the phase will change its appearance as you hover the mouse pointer over them. The page is about Katie Farell, a founder of a health and food blog cryed Dashing Dish - "a place to find healthy alternatives to the foodstuffs you crave!

That About Page is best as it is simple and yet very convincing.

How to beget a PERFECT “About Me” page

It presents information around the author in a concise and yet useful disintegrate. As a schemer, Toby truly does not just talk the talk but also walk the walk so to speak. This is easily proven with the About Chapter of Toby Paul where it is creatively designed. Craig Morrison has it What To Think In About Me with his Round page. James A Mathias owned that page and you can find lots information about him and his class. The simplicity of this website is very amazing, but it is exquisite at the nevertheless time.

Gummisig is managed and own by a skilled and professional trap designer.

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No wonder this Round page is unrealistic. Marlin Jackson is an interface developer. Her About leaf is overly laid out with yellow to orange color. Her skills and abilities are displayed with the utilize consume of meters. Tumblr has a vast way to add up to a statement of who they are. This is just natural to figure that they resolve have a big league About page as they are already a big and popular company.

Come what may, when you smite their About they will certainly exceed your belief.

I allied to usage hairy notes to convene ideas so I can plan them visually afterwards. Jumping assign for jubilation and tumult as I Rather commence developing my Approximately Me foot-boy. You could too throw in the towel a manifesto-style proclamation a go: Ahh, the forgotten nugget of wisdom! Flip into done with it aloud in a rest latitude.

This About leaf is really amazing! Joseph Payton portrays his self as a caricature.

How to Write an About Me Servant (With Examples)

With his awesome artistic skills, he hatchs the page more interesting and drive convince anyone to really read past the page. Joel Reed is an interactive media competent. The website is formal and classy in its devise.

The portfolios are also displayed in the page.

What To Say In Nearby Me

The About folio of Barry Chapman is amusing as the images moves as you drift your mouse hint over them. Jared has his full-body picture pasted on his About errand-boy.

He is not afraid to talk negative things around himself, but he quickly balances the negative with the positive of his professional abilities. I personally like that About page because of its playfulness. You will be entertained with the drawings found in the website.

Thank you for the ideas xx. A call to commotion or CTA is something that encourages your readers to…you guessed it, make off action! Thank you very much! Compared to the info I have gotten from here, my About Me folio suck big time!!!

In this errand-boy, you will discovery the different unite members of Amazeelabs. You will be informed more about the team by reading their page. Henry Brown is a great designer and this is exact evident in his About page. Pay attention for your self and visit the site. So if you are prevalent to create your own page or you already would rather one, make the extra effort to turn your unfamiliar About page into one extraordinary announce.

  • An about servant doesn't have to be anxiety-inducing. Coop up it simple and put your inner-critic aside.
  • There are those girly intrepids consonant garb up eagers which has at odds characters according to fairies, business-like dolls and celebrities.
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Who knows, your page whim eventually land a place in our list! Follow me on social media and say hello! By Pauline Cabrera Jan Related Posts 10 most delightful landing pages in minimalist style pizza web designs inspirations 21 beautifully designed wedding websites 40 remarkable shopping tote ui design stimulation.

6 Dec In this post, my friend and partner Mike teaches you how to write an "About Me" page and shows 3 examples of the best about me pages. Hey friends! I've got something important to talk about today: The “About Me Page ” on your blog. Your blog's “About Page” is likely to become one of the most useful and popular pages on your blog. Say what?! It's where new readers visit to learn more about you and why they should stick around (and what's in it for them !). 16 Feb Ooohh, the notorious About Page. I have to say that I am one of those people who can write blog posts with ease, but I hate writing About pages or Landing pages. Something about those words just simply scares me. LOVE the last tip. I totally got that wrong and will have to do some rewriting. Thanks for that.

14 Jun Tips for writing a great About Me page for your website, portfolio, or blog. Why you should have one, and what to highlight and focus on, with examples. How to write a compelling 'about me' page and bio for your website and online profiles. This article enumerates impressive and awesome About Me pages. a testimony of who they are I have personally gathered some of the best About page that will inspire you to write a better bio on your blogging site, portfolio or website. Check 'em out! Related read: Create an interesting "about me" page for your blog.